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revolutionize job searching

By harnessing advanced AI to craft personalized resumes and cover letters, eliminating uncertainty and propelling professionals toward their career goals.

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committed to innovation

We are committed to innovation, disruption, and the empowerment of individuals in their pursuit of professional triumph.

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State of the art solutions

Our mission is to empower professionals by developing state-of-the-art AI solutions that provide tailored documents and drive career success.

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dedicated to redefining

While operating in stealth mode, we remain dedicated to redefining the job search landscape through groundbreaking solutions.

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What Is Brain Matched

Brain Matched is revolutionizing the job search process by ​offering artificial intelligence solutions to develop ​customized documents for job seekers and professionals.

Our pioneering platform employs:


Advanced AI algorithms to examine your ​work experience, skills, and accomplishments

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Craft personalized resumes and cover letters that align precisely with your career goals

Unlocking the Advantages of Brain Matched

Personalized Precision

Enhanced Competitiveness

Time and Effort Savings

Professional Triumph

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Job Market Research

At the heart of the U.S. economy lies a robust job market that impacts millions of lives. Understanding its dynamics is essential for both job seekers and employers. Here are some key insights into the U.S. job market:

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The U.S. civilian labor force is 164 million people

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The staffing and recruiting industry in the U.S. is valued at $218 billion

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The U.S. market size for ​resume improvement ​includes services was ​estimated at $268 million.

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The average cost for ​resume writing services ​ranged from $100 to as ​high as $3,000.

Our Services


Our cutting-edge AI algorithms analyze your ​work experience, skills, and accomplishments, ​enabling us to create a customized resume that ​perfectly aligns with your career objectives.


Unlock your interview potential with our prep ​service. Gain confidence, ace interviews, and ​secure your dream job. Your success is our ​mission.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

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Meet The Team

Estimé Aristomene, Jr.

Founder & CEO

Brain Matched

A seasoned executive with a rich background in business sciences, operations, and technology, Estimé has honed his skills on Wall Street and brought his innovative spirit to the forefront in the tech industry. Estimé's belief in the power of diversity and experience has made Brain Matched a leader in disruptive technology.

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Ivy Joyce Petras

Chief Creative Officer

Brain Matched

Leveraging her eclectic background in arts and technology, Ivy puts the 'creative' in CCO. She guides our vision with a unique blend of innovation and aesthetic sensibility. Her artistic prowess coupled with a deep understanding of AI has been instrumental in making Brain Matched an industry disruptor.

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Terrica Jennings, Esq.

General Counsel

Brain Matched

The legal powerhouse behind Brain ​Matched. With 13+ years of ​experience, Terrica safeguards our ​company with her deep ​commitment to legal excellence and ​strong interpersonal skills. Her ability ​to collaborate seamlessly with ​business partners and foster ​relationships sets her apart.

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Harshil Jasoliya

Engineering Lead

Brain Matched

Harshil brings a rich history in IT services and a mastery of cross-platform web and mobile development, ReactJs, NextJs, and more. His blend of technical skills and business acumen guide our technology vision, while his project management prowess keeps us on track.

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